Off Script: Reading Slumps (Spoiler! They suck)

Hello and bonjour! I want to take some time and talk about one of the most annoying things to ever be a real thing – reading slumps. When you pick up a book, put it down, and can’t seem to dredge up the strength or the will to pick that book or any book up again for days, for weeks, for even months. Simply put, they’re horrible.

There is a lot of advice out there on how to break through a reading slump. Everyone has their tips and tricks. This is why I am making a list that collects them together so if and when you find yourself in the awful throes of a reading slump, you can find advice on how to move forward.

And I’m not saying to follow any one person’s advice. Absolutely not. I’m saying to take in the advice and see what you would like to try. And most importantly, don’t feel bad about it. We’re not all going to be reading all the time or reading several books in a month or a year.

My hope is that this list is helpful or at least interesting to you, reader.

The Only Way Out Is Through: On Reading Slumps
by Molly Templeton

I really like this article because it talks through the circumstances in which the reading slump happened to the writer and you get to know them as a reader before the slump hit. I think it’s important to see another person’s experience, especially when you are going through it or have gone through it. To know you’re not alone is powerful. And this article feels like someone sharing something with you rather than giving you a bullet point list of the things you need to do to kick the slump.

In A Book Slump? Here’s How To Fight It, According To 9 Professional Readers
by Kerri Jarema

This article provides an interesting angle as it shows the experiences and reading habits of people who read for work – bloggers, editors, librarians, literary agents, and publicists.

I think it is reassurring to see the various reading habits, the signs of their reading slumps, and how each of them slay the reading slump dragon in different ways.

Why I’m Beginning To Embrace Reading Slumps
by Olivia Páez

There are a lot of articles providing advice, but what I appreciate about this article by Olivia Páez is that it is all about acceptance. That it is okay to be going through one, that we all have things going on, and that maybe a break isn’t such a bad thing.

How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump
by Kristin Kraves Books

For those that enjoy lists and bullet points – this one is for you. Kristin gets right down to it with the tips, including not forcing yourself to read, a change of setting, and reading in the morning. I like the comments she adds to each point too because it really helps to have the thought process behind each tip.

video by thisstoryaintover

Firstly, Jananie is an amazing content creator and I have enjoyed a lot of what she shares with the bookish community through her videos. Secondly, this video has several things that I can appreciate: timestamps for each one of her tips and advice I haven’t seen anywhere else. She suggests using a recommendation app for book suggestions, which is new for me. She also suggests picking up audiobooks but then provides 3 apps that she uses to listen to audiobooks. Examples are always good. Her TIP TEN: make sure you’re having fun is a great way to finish off the list as it also reminds people that reading is supposed to be fun and that should be your experience.

12 great books that will get you out of a reading slump 📚
video by A Clockwork Reader

Sometimes what you need is a great hype person and Hannah is that person. Her list of 12 books reflect the idea of not pressuring yourself to read but about easing yourself back into it. It’s about finding that love of reading again by picking up a magical book or a book with a unique format or a book of poetry you love or a nonfiction book with incredible storytelling.

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