My Rating System

My rating system is driven by feelings.  I have a lot of them and they tend to overflow.

If I love the book a lot, it gets 5 doughnuts.  This usually means it made me laugh, cry, and feel a range of things.  It leaves a lasting impression.  I will rant and rave about it to anyone who will listen (and even those who won’t).

Donut Rating 5

The 4 doughnuts rating is reserved for a book I really enjoyed.  I had a good time reading it and there are a lot of elements of the book I had fun with.  I’ll definitely recommend it.  I will even look forward to more from that author too.

Donut Rating 4

If I thought the book falls more in the middle of my enjoyment scale, then it gets 3 doughnuts. The book was pretty good!  There are things about it like characters and events I really liked.  I will probably check out the next book in the series as well.

Rating 3 Donut

2 doughnuts represent the feeling that the book was just okay.

Haven’t you ever read something before that you liked little bits of but altogether you didn’t have a completely fun reading experience? You’re kind of feeling like you wanted and expected a lot more.  I might or might not check out the next book in the series or keep my eye on that author.


The lowest rating is reserved for books and novels that didn’t grab me.  They are books that I didn’t enjoy and none of the few elements that I did like could really save the story for me.  That gets 1 doughnut.

Rating 1 donut